Where are you located?

ECarDetailing.com network consists of hundreds of professional detailers across the country or oversea that meet our stringent requirements for insurance, equipment, experience and performance. We specialize in mobile detailers, so WE COME TO YOU! No need to drive to a brick and mortar location and wait around for hours or arrange for rides to and from the service location. It's simply the easiest and most convenient way to get your car detailed.

What are your hours and what days are you available?

We schedule appointments every day of the week between 7:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m and even have 24-hour coverage for emergencies in some areas. Same/day -- next day service is generally available in most areas, but cannot be guaranteed at all times. Once you submit your service request, we will provide you with appointment options via text, email, or phone.

How much does it cost?

Submit your vehicle information at Our Scheduling Page and all packages will be priced for your vehicle. You can also see exactly what services are included in each package. The charge includes travel to your location unless a specific trip charge is quoted, but don't worry the traveling fee its only US $10 dollars

Will there be extra charges?

Additional charges can apply for excessive pet hair, mold/mildew, human or animal bio wastes, and excessive soilage. If your vehicle has one of these issues, your technician will advise you of additional charges before the work begins. Surcharges are any where from 20-50% of the cost of the service package. Additional charges will also apply if you require services not specified in packages.

How do I pay?

You can pay by cash or credit/debit card at completion of service or prepay online or over the phone.

Are tips expected?

Tips are always appreciated for great customer service, but not necessary. Service packages are priced to provide a fair payment to our service providers and a fair value to customers.

How long does the service take?

Time required for services depends on the size/type of vehicle you have, the service package requested, the number of technicians in the crew, and the specific equipment available to the detailer. Following are approximate times for a single technician.

Platinum Detailing Package -- 3 hours
Gold Detailing Package -- 2 hours
Interior Only -- 1.5 hours
Exterior Only -- 1.5 hours
Silver Detailing Package -- 1 hour
Budget Wash -- 30 minutes

Do you guarantee your services? Can I read reviews?

The best way to assure satisfaction is to thoroughly review your vehicle BEFORE the detailer leaves. In the event that something comes to light after the service, we will offer to remedy any issues if you are not satisfied with the results. All of our customers are asked to review detailer performance on a 0-5 scale, 5 being the best. Your rating as well as any comments will be shared with the service provider. We expect ECarDetailing.com providers to maintain a 4-star rating to remain in the network. Reviews are posted on the home page and we can also forward reviews for the specific detailer in your area also we have created one page to all review or testimony and feel free to visit in Testimonial and Review.

Do you have or use Inspection Point?

Of course we do! and all our customers love it we call it an Inspection and Walk Point, and it consists of walking around the vehicle with the owner and we showing the imperfections that we found in the vehicle; at the end of the inspection the client signs the virtual form and we send a copy by email immediately, so that you have it in your record; once signed; we proceed to work with your vehicle.

Do you have Reward Program?

YES! Become a part of our Exclusives Expert Car Detailing VIP Rewards Program, its totally free and you can rewards today and start earning points that can be used in our services and products, right away and any where in our international locations ! the only thing you must do is just click in VIP REWARD PROGRAM.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes, we provide gift certificates for all occasions and will send you a customized certificate which can be printed or forwarded by email. Upon redemption, the certificate amount can also be applied toward the purchase of a costlier package, if desired. PURCHASE GIFT CERTIFICATE

Did you sell product, What’s your return policy?

Yes Return any of our products--no questions asked--within 30 days of purchase some restriction apply..

Are the Products you use and sell harmful to the environment?

The answer is NO; All our products are biodegradable; please see more about this in our products info.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries, just keep in mind that P.O Boxes are smaller. Our products sometimes exceed the size of postal mail boxes.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions just make us a call or send us a fax to our toll free #+1 (866) 833-8245 = +1(866) 8DETAIL

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